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Part 2 – The Laver

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The Approach to God: Lessons from the Ancient Jewish Tabernacle

Part 2 – The Laver Cleansing by Water

David Gooding

There is a difference between a creature of God and a child of God. All men and women are his creatures but not all are his children. For a creature to be a child of God, he or she has to become one.


The overall title given to this particular set of lectures is ‘The Approach to God’. When God told Moses to make this tabernacle so that he might dwell among his people, God marked out the approach towards his presence by having various sacred vessels stationed along that road.

The tabernacle had two functions. It served Israel as a copy and ‘shadow of heavenly things’—heavenly realities, eternal realities. It also served for centuries as a ‘shadow of the good things to come’ through the advent of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ to our world.

The thoughtful amongst us will perhaps say, ‘Why should we bother our heads about the shadows, when we now have the reality?’ That’s a very good question and I hope to answer it in the course of these talks.

Recorded in Aughrim Gospel Hall, Castledawson, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in February 2010.

Length: 67 mins.

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