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Part 2 – The Scripture as God’s Word

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The Way the Scriptures Have Been Transmitted: The Old Testament

Part 2 – The Scripture as God’s Word

David Gooding

This is how the message was conveyed and committed to word. God revealed himself to the prophets, they spoke to the people, and eventually they wrote it down.


How have the Scriptures come down to us through the centuries? Can we rely on them as we have them today? Who decided which books would be accepted in the canon of Scripture? David Gooding addresses these vital questions in this series of four talks.

In the first he discusses the text of the Old Testament, the languages in which it was originally written and its early translation into Greek. In the second talk he discusses Scripture as God’s word under four terms: revelation, inspiration, authority and infallibility. The third talk covers the question of the Old Testament canon and who decided which books were to be included and excluded from the list. The final talk addresses some practical questions from the audience, which is followed by a brief discussion of typology and its proper use, along with other principles in Old Testament interpretation.

Recorded in Castlereagh Gospel Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland in June 2006.

Length: 62 mins.

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