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A Brief Outline of the Acts of the Apostles

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One Talk on Acts

A Brief Outline of the Acts of the Apostles

David Gooding


The book of Acts is the record of the spread of the gospel geographically: ‘you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth’ (1:8). And so the book begins with a story of the apostles in Jerusalem and ends with the Apostle Paul in Rome, capital of the then known world. However, Luke has an even more profound intention in writing his work than merely to record the geographical spread of the gospel. In this talk Dr Gooding follows Luke as he records the stages in God’s new programme of Christianity: how it separates from Judaism and how the apostles reached out to the Gentiles with the gospel. He then follows the trials of Paul, but unfortunately the recording is not complete. A much fuller exposition is available in True to the Faith—The Acts of the Apostles: Defining and Defending the Gospel, by David Gooding.

Recorded in Foxlydiate Gospel Hall, Batchley, Worcs, England in 1985.

Length: 73 mins.

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