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Part 5: Traditions in the Church

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Implications of The Great Sacrifice of Christ

Part 5: Traditions in the Church

David Gooding


On these six occasions Dr Gooding considers some of the basic principles of the church: its name; its discipline; its fellowship; its traditions; its future.

We shall find that there is a recurring pattern. As Paul seeks to help his fellow–believers in Corinth to solve some of the practical problems that beset them, we find that he constantly takes them back to first principles. He takes them back to the great sacrifice of Christ, which underlays and forms the foundation of the Christian gospel: ‘No other name’; ‘Even death on a cross’; ‘Our Passover Lamb’; ‘The table of the Lord’; ‘The new covenant in my blood’; ‘Christ has been raised from the dead’.

Recorded at Apsley Hall, Belfast, N. Ireland in 1983.

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