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Life in the Family of God (Series 1)

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Thirteen Talks on 1 John

Life in the Family of God (Series 1) Seminars on the First Epistle of John

David Gooding

When someone is brought to repentance and to faith in the Lord Jesus, there is the great war won. He has overcome. Satan has, in that sense, been broken.


Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – Christian Fellowship
Part 3 – The World
Part 4 – The Family of God
Part 5 – The Heresy that Destroys Fellowship
Part 6 – The Manifestation of the Children of God
Part 7 – The Duty of the Children of God
Part 8 – The Faith of the Children of God
Part 9 – God’s Love to Us
Part 10 – Our Love for God
Part 11 – The Believer’s Assurance
Part 12 & 13 – Overcoming, & Q&A

In this letter, John writes with great affection to his ‘little children’ in the faith. He has much to tell them that will promote their understanding and growth, and preserve them when faced with the assaults of the evil one.

The thoughtful analysis of the epistle presented in this seminar series will:

* increase our assurance—so that we not only know but ‘know that we know’ the fundamental truths of our glorious salvation;

* increase our appreciation—as we consider our privileged position as members of the family of God, in which we have fellowship in that deeper sense of ‘joint possession’ of the very eternal life of the Father and the Son;

* increase our awareness—of the strategies of ‘the world’, as energised by Satan himself, as it seeks to disrupt our fellowship with the Father by drawing away our affections and placing obstacles in the path of our obedience to him.

Recorded in Apsley Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland in January 1987.

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