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Daniel: Civil Servant and Saint

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Eight Talks on Daniel

Daniel: Civil Servant and Saint

David Gooding

God has made the world such a beautiful place. He has filled it with colour: green grass and blue sky, and birds galore with all kinds of feathers. What a wonderful God he is.


The complete audio series of ‘Daniel: Civil Servant and Saint’.

Part 1 – God and Education
Part 2 – World Government and its Fatal Flaws
Part 3 – World Government and its Hideous Strength
Part 4 – God and Culture: A Tale of Two Cities
Part 5 – Law and Freedom
Part 6 – Ultimate Truth
Part 7 – The Man above the River of History
Part 8 – Ultimate Values

Daniel spent his long life as a successful civil servant. He obviously did not run away from life and its responsibilities. He believed, in fact, that it is in the daily responsibilities of life that we are to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. From his long experience he points out how fatally easy it is for us to get life’s values upside down. As you study the prophecy of Daniel may you hear his critique of the world’s education, politics, culture and values. Consider with him the glorious and realistic hope that God sets before the world and learn how rightly to prepare for the second coming of Christ.

Recorded in Upper Hill Street Gospel Hall, Coventry, England in July 1992.

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