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Three Talks on Galatians


David Gooding

The gospel that we preach is not a fairy tale; it matters that our gospel is historically true. It is no good trusting it just because it sounds nice, if it is not true.


The complete audio series of ‘Galatians’.

Part 1 – How May I Live to Please God?
Part 2 – How May I Be Sure of my Inheritance?
Part 3 – How May I Enjoy True Freedom?

We shall be looking at the kind of arguments Paul is using here. He was a master at arguing for the sake of the gospel; not just to win arguments, but in order to convince people of God’s truth and thus to lead them to salvation. When he set about arguing a case he would marshal every possible argument he knew, in order to convince of the truth of that case. We are going to try and steal a leaf out of his book so that when we find ourselves in situations where, for the truth’s sake and to help our friends and neighbours, we have gently to argue the case of the gospel, we shall know what arguments there are at our disposal and how we may employ them.

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