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Family Life With Abraham and Jacob

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Nine Talks on Genesis

Family Life With Abraham and Jacob

David Gooding

God will test our faith. He is not trying to prove us wrong, being stingy and hoping we shall fail; he is leading us until our faith is strong enough and made perfect, so that it can bear the test


Part 1 – Abraham: The significance of order of events as seen in the New Testament
Part 2 – Abraham: Paul’s use of Genesis to authenticate the Christian Gospel
Part 3 – Jacob: God’s Promise of Blessing Fulfilled
Part 4 – Introduction to the Story of Jacob
Part 5 – Outline of the Story of Jacob
Part 6 – Jacob Dwelt in the Land
Part 7 – Lessons from the Life of Judah
Part 8 – Israel took his Journey
Part 9 – Lessons from Jacob’s Blessings

Justification by faith; justification by works; pilgrimage, dreams, oaths, promises; inheritance; offspring; fathers and sons; deceit, cruelty, false evidence, discernment, pledges; famine, surety and substitution, repentance, reconciliation; birthright; blessings; funerals; a family becoming a nation— history, prophecy, prototype—such is the variety in this section of the book of Genesis.

David Gooding leads us through these chapters and asks us to consider the importance of the chronology of the events, the significance of their place within the book and what it has to say to us.

Recorded in Apsley Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland in June 1984.

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