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The Book of Joshua

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Nine Talks on Joshua

The Book of Joshua The Two Stages of the Conquest

David Gooding

The beauty of this world was not given to mock us, the music to tantalise us; God doesn’t play games with us. He points us to the realities of a glorious eternity — a veritable eternal banquet when God shall satisfy every legitimate desire and


In these nine sessions David Gooding covers major themes from the two phases of the conquest of the promised land.

(1) The Promised Inheritance and the Covenant
(2) The Judgment of God on Jericho

The First Phase of the Conquest
(1) Bringing Israel into their Inheritance
(2) Establishing the Law of God in Canaan—Part 1
(3) Establishing the Law of God in Canaan—Part 2
(4) Putting Down all Rule and Authority

The Second Phase of the Conquest
(1) Setting up the Tent of Meeting at Shiloh
(2) Provision for Maintaining God’s Service
and for the Salvation of those in Danger
(3) Uninterrupted Service of the Lord

Recorded in Ahoghill Gospel Hall, Ahoghill, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland in October 1989.

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