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Apostasy and Revival in the Books of Kings

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Ten Talks on 1 & 2 Kings

Apostasy and Revival in the Books of Kings

David Gooding

What a thing it is when, even in our modern world, churches rediscover the book of God and dare to carry out what it says should be carried out in Christian churches.


Part 1 – Overview and Introduction
Part 2 – Christ and the House of God
Part 3 – Elijah at Carmel
Part 4 – Elijah at Horeb
Part 5 – The Ascensions of Elijah
Part 6 – The Miracles of Elisha
Part 7 – Preserving the House
Part 8 – How to Keep Going in Frustrating Times
Part 9 – Standing as Pillars
Part 10 – The Secret of Godliness

How did God intend to maintain his people Israel after the death of King David? In this ten part series, David Gooding considers how the plans for the temple connect to the later history of apostasy and revivals in 1 and 2 Kings. He shows that what those books teach about the past is vitally important for those who are in ‘the house of the Lord’ today.

Recorded in Apsley Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland in February 2011.

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