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Spiritual Warfare

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Four Talks on Judges

Spiritual Warfare Lessons from the Book of Judges

David Gooding


The weapons of our warfare are spiritual, but we fight the same evil principles of sin as the Israelites did in those ancient days. Like them we have an inheritance, but there are enemies determined to stop our enjoyment of it. We are to fight and not compromise with them. God raised up deliverers for his people. The Lord Jesus Christ is our deliverer—he’s the Saviour of sinners, but also the Saviour of saints.

In these studies David Gooding draws from the stories of Othniel; Ehud; Deborah, Barak and Jael; and Samson to illustrate our spiritual warfare. In each he considers: 1. The cause of the trouble; 2. The nature of the enemy; 3. The deliverers God raised up; and 4. The tactics they employed.

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