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Part 4 – Vessels of Wrath and of Mercy

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No Longer Bondmen: Studies in Exodus

Part 4 – Vessels of Wrath and of Mercy

David Gooding


It is not a bad thing to be content with the present and let the imagination roam a little bit as to what could be. But this much is certain; dream as they might, none of the Israelites would ever have come to anything better than what Egypt gave them. Not one of them would ever have set foot in that land flowing with milk and honey and known the reality of the blessings that God held out to them had they not been prepared to do more than dream. They had to take themselves securely by their shoulders and make up their minds to actually obey God and keep the Passover that he provided.

So we are going to think together of that great decision that the Israelite nation took in Egypt, without which there never would have been a journey or an arrival in the promised land; they decided to quit Egypt and set out for the promised land.

Recorded at Crescent Church, Belfast, N Ireland in 1977.

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