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Lessons from the Book of Numbers

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Lessons from the Book of Numbers

David Gooding

Christ is the anchor that holds the rope that goes between me and the other shore where one day I shall be home at last.


The Book of Numbers is the story of Israel’s journey across the wilderness from the land of Egypt until they arrived at their great inheritance. It was a long and eventful journey. As we read it, Christians cannot help thinking of ourselves because it is common knowledge that we too are on a journey. Redeemed by the grace of God and by the blood of Christ, we are on a journey through life to an inheritance, incorruptible and undefiled, and that fades not away.

So it is easy for us to see the parallel between Israel’s experience and ours, but do we know the book well enough to understand how it can help us to be prepared for the difficulties we will face? This series will help us grasp the provision that the Lord has made to get us across the wilderness safely and home to glory.

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Myrtlefield books are on Logos

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