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Three Studies on Prayer

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Three Studies on Prayer

David Gooding

Take your eyes off your circumstances for a little while. Survey the quiet infinities of space, the near immeasurable numbers of the stars, and ask yourself who keeps all that up and calls their names.


Why should we be interested to study the topic of prayer? Is it because we have had such wonderful experiences that we want everyone else to come into the blessing of prayer? Or is it perhaps because in the rough and tumble of life we have become discouraged in prayer? We have asked for things and not received them and become disturbed because we wonder why our prayers have not been answered.

In these studies Dr Gooding looks at some of the difficulties of prayer, and why it is that people get discouraged.

1. Reward for Prayer and Renewal of Strength
2. Perseverance in Prayer
3. Servants Exercising Authority in Prayer

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Myrtlefield books are on Logos

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