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Part 5 – Putting Right What Sin Has Put Wrong

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Romans Survey

Part 5 – Putting Right What Sin Has Put Wrong

David Gooding


This survey examines the key themes in Paul’s great treatise on the Gospel he was commissioned to preach. It highlights the great truth that salvation is by faith, not human effort, and that we need to be saved not only from the wrath of God but from the wreckage caused by Adam’s sin. It deals with the vexed question of Israel’s rejection of the Messiah and sees Paul’s confidence that God’s sovereign purposes will be fulfilled in a coming day when all Israel will be saved. A final section considers the background to the term ‘propitiation’ and the importance of grasping its true meaning. Throughout the study we are invited to join with Paul in his praise and thanksgiving for such a great salvation.

Recorded at Panton Hall, Cambridge,
England from 11 to 13 February 1994.

Length: 77 mins.

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Myrtlefield books are on Logos

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