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Serving God

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Serving God The Local Church and Worldwide Mission

David Gooding

What a wonderful dignity it casts over daily work when we are doing it as a servant serving the Lord.


What can a local church do to develop men and women of God who are motivated to take the gospel to the world? How can church leaders develop a heart for missionary service and cultivate practical interest in the Lord’s work among his people?

Dr Gooding expounds three key facets of the Scriptures that provide practical answers and motivation to act:

– the local church as a seed bed for service
– the rewards for service promised by the Master
– the vital importance and joy of serving God

Deliberating over these topics, we are like the board of some gigantic business, and ours is the noblest business on the face of the earth. We serve under the most worthy and wise director, our sovereign Lord, the Redeemer and Saviour of men and women. We are not here to occupy our time with exciting stories that move emotion and promote very little practical work thereafter. We are here to consult about the prosperity of the business we are in, to think about how we might develop it, to consider whether we are using our resources to the full extent and how we could provide more.

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