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One Talk of Doctrine

What Comes Next Can We Be Certain About Life After Death?

David Gooding


Having to face our own death, or the death of someone close to us, has a way of focusing our minds on what really matters. Still, most of us try not to talk, or even think, about it. Death seems to be a gloomy subject, at best, and maybe even a terrifying one. As he discusses the topic, David Gooding says we should not wait to think about it until it is upon us, because no one has ever fully understood what this life is about until they have faced the fact of death and the question of what, if anything, comes next. He shows from the Bible that Jesus Christ can give us certainty about the fact of a life after death, and certainty about where we will be after we have died. So, far from being a gloomy topic, it is full of hope for anyone who will listen to Christ when he says that God is inviting us, now, to enter into an eternal relationship with him; one that will continue beyond death, and last forever.

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