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The Importance and Wisdom of the Ordinance

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The Lord’s Supper

The Importance and Wisdom of the Ordinance

David Gooding

Happy is the church that has allowed the constant celebration of this central theme to imprint upon its mind that this is the fundamental thing. Our Lord came as a sacrifice for sin.


Our Lord left us only two ordinances, which therefore become remarkable by their very fewness of number and concentrate our attention on their singular importance. He left us the ordinance of baptism and the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper, so as we survey together the familiar theme of the Lord’s Supper we shall inevitably think of its importance. This is something very rare that our Lord asked us to do. In addition to perceiving its importance we shall, I trust, be helped by God to see the wisdom that lies behind our Lord’s injunction.

It is a lovely thing for every believer when he is given to see the wisdom of God behind his gracious commands. It goes without saying, of course, that we owe our Lord unquestioning obedience to every one of his commands even if we cannot perceive the wisdom behind them, trusting the heart of him who loves us and the mind of an all wise Saviour and God. But how lovely when God treats us not as infants, merely to be commanded without understanding why, but rather as grown up sons to whom he may entrust his secrets and explain his ways so that we might perceive their wisdom and with all wholeheartedness cooperate with him. Let us then, by God’s grace, see the importance of this ordinance and also its exceeding wisdom.

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