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The Apocalypse

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Two Talks on Revelation

The Apocalypse A Brief Literary Structure of the Book of Revelation

David Gooding

All down the ages God has promised to Christ and to his people a dominion that is to be universal.


Some people are surprised to discover that the Book of the Revelation ends on a very cheerful note of hope. The end is a new beginning, for it introduces us to the dawn of eternity—to the dawning of a day that shall know no end, everlasting with the limitless surprises of the infinitude of God’s rich imagination and boundless love.

The Apocalypse is perhaps the most difficult of all the New Testament writings to understand, and it has given rise to many conflicting and sometimes bizarre interpretations. Those difficulties cannot be ignored, but neither should they lead us to think that the use of apocalyptic and symbolic language implies that the book deals with mystical and poetic abstractions that cannot be defined with a good deal of certainty.

While these talks do not intend to give a definitive exposition, they demonstrate that the book as a whole has an eminently simple literary structure that communicates the broad outlines of its basic message with comparative ease. It is all about ‘the things that are’ and ‘the things that are to take place after this.’

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